Mastering the Lock – Things to Consider in Becoming a Locksmith

In selecting a profession or career, the job of being a locksmith is often overlooked. Who would have thought that a simple task of making and repairing locks could lead to a career opportunity? The demand for the locksmith industry has greatly increased, because for every lost or broken keys and tricky locks there is a need for a locksmith. This industry is a small field regardless of market fluctuations and technology changes. Although, this is not considered to be in the professional capacity level, (because a single national governing body does not exist for this job) numerous guilds exist that support the trade and offer training courses, and skill enhancement.


To become a locksmith, one must possess a range of skills and cannot only know how to pop locks by chance. Such skills include:

• Excellent hand-eye coordination
• Manual dexterity and practical thinking
• Capable of using an array of specialist tools
• A fine understanding of lock and security devices
• Possess interests in locks and keys
• Is able to market and independently run a business
• Driving skill, in order to reach clients
• Outstanding people skills


A formal education is not necessary in pursuing a locksmith career. But it does require one to have extensive training and apprenticeships in order to be a certified locksmith. Being a certified locksmith has its advantages from those who aren’t. First, it adds credibility because it guarantees customers that one is indeed qualified to perform certain work. Second, it increases the earning potential, and third, it advances the career as a locksmith. But how does a locksmith become certified? Various training courses and apprenticeship may be obtained from numerous training centers and locksmith associations. One must take the particular exams administered by these centers to earn a certain certification, such as Registered Locksmith, Certified Automotive Locksmith, Certified Master Safe Tech, Certified Registered Locksmith, Certified Professional Locksmith, Certified Master Locksmith and Certified Professional Safe Tech.

Career Possibilities

The career of a locksmith differs from other professions whereas the former is given three choices as soon as he is certified. These choices are; (1) Become a freelance locksmith, (2) Open up a locksmith business, and (3) Work for another locksmith. Other professions, unlike the locksmith are not able to freelance their skills for higher rates, or to become their own boss right away. So, most often they work for others for their entire career life. The categories and specializations of a locksmith include, but are not limited to: Commercial Locksmith, Mobile Locksmith, Institutional Locksmith, and Forensic Locksmith. Another category that is broken down into other fields is the Locksmith Specialist that comprises of Automotive System Specialist, Master Key System Specialist, Security Consultant, Residential Locksmith Specialist, Safe Technician and Electrical Locksmith Specialist.

Therefore, based on the above categories, a person who chooses to pursue a locksmith career will never go idle.


Locksmiths are responsible to use their knowledge in their client’s best interest since they have access to most forms of secure doors. They are held responsible in not allowing any information or any tools that they use fall in the wrongs hands. In, addition a locksmith must be skilled enough to not cause any damage while attempting to gain entry. This means that the locksmith should know how to pick a lock rather than damaging it.

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Saved from a burning clinic by a courageous locksmith.

So we all know locksmiths are great with keys. If you’ve lost your set of keys and you need a replacement pair, if you’ve had a break in and need your locks replaced, if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your house or car and you’re stuck outside, whatever your key emergency, that’s what the locksmith is there for. But bravery and courage? Are these descriptions that come to mind when you think of a locksmith? Rarely so, but that will all change after I relay this story to you. The other day I was at my local clinic getting my standard checkup and irately sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my turn to go in.Saved from a burning clinic by a courageous locksmith.

Slowly but surely, the patients in the waiting room started to notice a billowing waft of smoke making its way into the room. At first the smoke was almost unnoticeable but then it started to grow and people in the waiting room became anxious. A muttering started as patients began to whisper to each other and question the origin of the smoke. Then the smoke alarm went off, and a nurse appeared in the waiting room and advised that we had to make an orderly line, and follow her to the nearest exit. Horror of horrors, it seems that the building had somehow caught fire, and we were making an emergency exit – sick patients and all. The clinic was relatively small, but large enough for three floors. So there were quite a few people who had to be evacuated. As we made our way down the staircase, the smoke grew heavier and breathing became difficult. We were almost out of the building and headed for safety, when we heard a scream coming from what sounded like the upstairs floor. I heard it, but it was faint. I turned to the people beside me, but in the confusion of the moment, everyone was just trying to get out and weren’t really paying attention. But then I heard it again. the person beside me heard it too this time, and we turned to look at each other. “Did you hear that”, I asked. “It sounds like its coming from upstairs”, the man answered me. Then from the back of the crowd, we heard someone yell out to everyone, “Somebody’s trapped upstairs”!Image result for burning building

There was a lot of commotion and muttering in response to this. But nobody moved to help the person. People were talking back and fro, when eventually a voice said, “We have to go back up – we have to get that person out”. The screaming was audible now. People were afraid to go back. But there was someone in the crowd. He was not there that morning as a patient, and he was not one of the hospital staff or treating physicians. He was there that morning because he was called out to change one of the locks in the clinic after a key got jammed in it. He was just a locksmith, and he was just there that morning by chance. He turned back and said that he was going back to get the person. And he did. Moments later he returned with an elderly window cleaner leaning on him, coughing furiously. And then we all made our way down the stairs, out the exit, and out of the building.I was so impressed with this mans bravery, all he wanted was something to drink so i gave him an energy drink i had in my backpack.Thankfully everyone survived and the old man got away with minor injuries all to a brave locksmith!

What services will the professional locksmith offer?

So you’ve lost your keys? Or you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your car or your house? What to do now? Well, if you’ve put yourself in that situation, it’s time to call a locksmith in Newark. A professional locksmith will offer you a host of different locksmith services. Some of what they do includes installing locks (if for example you want to change your locks), they can also install mechanical locks or install electronic locks, they can also install deadbolts, they can install keys and transponder devices for your property.Image result for professional locksmith They can also do various other tasks such as fixing broken locks, opening locks, re-keying devices. some even offer other additional services such as windscreen repair and puncture repair.. They can make duplicate keys for the keys that you have. They can program new keys. Basically, if it relates to keys, if it can happen at all, they can fix it! The professional locksmith is your key specialist. Naturally because they can perform all of the above tasks, your locksmith has to be someone who is very trustworthy. You don’t want to trust someone with the keys to your most valued treasures if he could potentially be a criminal. Just think about all the power and access you give to a locksmith.

They could make extra keys and send someone later to break in to your place and rob you blind, or worse. So your locksmith is someone who you need to be able to trust more than you trust your attorney! These days locksmiths don’t limit themselves just to the above services. The modern professional locksmith provides a holistic service that is a complete security service. They can furnish advise on the security of your business or your residence. This advice includes their suggestions on the best locks for your particular needs. So they should be able to know all of the security products on the market, they should be able to compare these products, compare the uses for these products, compare the prices of these products, advise on the installation costs of these products, and give good advice on which product is best suited for your business or your home or your car. Locksmiths can also be called upon to install a safe for safeguarding your expensive and precious belongings. They can install the safes, but they can also sell them or service them. In order to ensure that you are being safe and that your locksmith is absolutely trustworthy, you have to make sure that the locksmith is registered with the relevant regulating body for locksmiths.

Every country will have one, and this is how you can ensure that you are not dealing with criminals or people who will take advantage of your situation. If you’re a large business or a corporation then you are probably using a locksmith on a contract basis. This means that one locksmith deals with all their key issues on a consistent and regular basis. So clearly, the locksmith and all the employees of the locksmith have to be trustworthy with no criminal record. As long as you have someone who is trained and accredited, you can be sure you will have a true professional.


What To Do When You Think You’ve Lost Your Keys

It’s happened to all of us at some point in time. And it usually tends to happen at the worst possible time or under the worst possible circumstances.Image result for Lost Your Keys

I’m talking about accidentally locking yourself out of your own house. Ever noticed how it happens on the coldest night or when you need to urgently go to the loo? That’s Murphy’s law for you. But it’s bound to happen to you at least on one occasion. For this reason it’s important to know which steps to follow when it does happen. The best thing to do is to call a locksmith. But this may be your last resort. If you prefer, you can first try to break in to your own house, and if this doesn’t work, then you can always get a professional to come and open the lock for you. So how do you break into your own house? You need a screwdriver to do this.
If you’re trapped outside without any tools (most likely you don’t have a screwdriver with you), then you need to knock on your neighbors door and borrow a screwdriver. The best screwdriver to use for the task ahead is one with a slotted head. However, a screwdriver with a Phillips head or one with a cross slot will work if you’re in a pinch.

Now that you have a screwdriver you need to make your way over to your house. Now go over to the nearest and most accessible window. You now need to insert the screw driver into the bottom of the window pane. Try to exert the force upward. Also shimmy it around until it comes loose. Now carefully pull the window out without damaging the pane. If you are doing this with a door window, then remove it without damaging the door – but using the same method as set out above.

The window will actually be much easier to remove than the lock, and if it will easier to replace a window than to replace a lock. If you are removing the window from a door window this is what to do next. You have to place your hand through the hole you’ve just created by removing the window, and try to reach the keys if you have left them in the door, or try to reach the door handle and open the door. Be very careful when you are doing this because you don’t want to cut your hands on any open pieces. If you opened a window not near the door, the window will have to be big enough for you to climb through – again, without hurting yourself. If you’re not feeling up to this, then you’ll have to call a locksmith. If you don’t have your phone with you, then go to your neighbor and make the phone call to a locksmith from there. If you don’t have a locksmith number with you then you can use the internet or the yellow pages to get one. Your neighbor can assist you. If it’s a good and reputable locksmith they will come out to assist you within at least an hour. A less reputable company could keep you waiting all night.

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How Much Do Locksmiths make per month?

Have you ever considered becoming a locksmith as a career? It is a very practical career choice, much like being a plumber or an electrician, but it is a very solid career, and it can provide you with a good income to support you and your family. The job is not very varied,nor is it to stressful.

It includes primarily installing locks, and also repairing, adjusting, and opening locks. A locksmith can also make keys and can change the lock combinations on digital locks. The fact that it is not too varied means that the locksmith can truly be an expert in their field, as with some experience, they will certainly master the job. Places to find work do vary. A locksmith can work in a department store, in a hardware store, can work in a manufacturing company for safes and locks, can work at large industrial plants, and can also work at government agencies. Thus, if you decide to be a locksmith, there is a lot of opportunity for jobs. It is not the most glamorous career in the world, but it certainly is solid.

A locksmith can also be an adviser for homeowners and business owners alike. If you are interested in upgrading your security, then the locksmith is the perfect person to give great advice. If you do decide that you want to become a locksmith you don’t need to attend college to qualify. It is advisable however to complete high school, as employers prefer to hire someone who has a high school education. If you have studied maths at school then that will be a big plus.How Much Do Locksmiths make per month? It can also be useful to have done subjects in mechanical drawing and machine shop. Locksmiths work with their hands, so it is a good asset to be very dexterous with your hands. As a locksmith you should also be comfortable to work outdoors.  Locksmiths can earn a decent salary. The average salary that they earn is $32, 858 (thirty two thousand eight hundred and fifty eight dollars) per annum. Now compare this to an average salary $21,000 for the average pool resurfacing technician  of Bear in mind however that this is an average, and it’s not to say that every locksmith will be earning this. There are tons of different factors that affect a locksmith’s salary. It will make a big difference for example what salary a locksmith will earn if he has a lot more experience. It also makes a difference if the locksmith has specialist skills or extra training. It should also be noted that the city where you are based makes a difference to a locksmith’s salary as well. Generally, locksmiths who are based in big cities tend to earn more than locksmiths who are based in smaller cities. Obviously, the salary will also be affected by the number of hours of work the locksmith puts in. The more hours of work under his belt, the higher that expected salary will be. If the locksmith works during normal hours they will charge a standard income. If however, they choose to work during weekends and after hours, they will be able to charge a higher rate. They can even charge double the standard rate, and in this way, increase their expected income.

Using Google to find the right locksmith


So you’ve locked yourself out of your car or lost your house keys and you can’t get into your own place? You need a locksmith. If you are looking for someone to make a set of keys for you then you must find someone who is reputable and trustworthy. After all, think about all the power a locksmith has. If it is someone dishonest or criminally minded they could make a set of keys for themselves too, and a few days later they could send someone to break into your house or to steal your car. Your keys are the thing that gives you control over your assets, it is your personal security code, and you have to be very careful who you allow to have access to that information.

When you are looking for a locksmith therefore, you have to be very careful who you pick. First of all, you need to make sure that it is someone who has a business address. This means that you are not using someone who is operating from his house, because this could be very dangerous. Using Google’s homepage search engine is always useful. Continue reading