Saved from a burning clinic by a courageous locksmith.

So we all know locksmiths are great with keys. If you’ve lost your set of keys and you need a replacement pair, if you’ve had a break in and need your locks replaced, if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your house or car and you’re stuck outside, whatever your key emergency, that’s what the locksmith is there for. But bravery and courage? Are these descriptions that come to mind when you think of a locksmith? Rarely so, but that will all change after I relay this story to you. The other day I was at my local clinic getting my standard checkup and irately sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my turn to go in.Saved from a burning clinic by a courageous locksmith.

Slowly but surely, the patients in the waiting room started to notice a billowing waft of smoke making its way into the room. At first the smoke was almost unnoticeable but then it started to grow and people in the waiting room became anxious. A muttering started as patients began to whisper to each other and question the origin of the smoke. Then the smoke alarm went off, and a nurse appeared in the waiting room and advised that we had to make an orderly line, and follow her to the nearest exit. Horror of horrors, it seems that the building had somehow caught fire, and we were making an emergency exit – sick patients and all. The clinic was relatively small, but large enough for three floors. So there were quite a few people who had to be evacuated. As we made our way down the staircase, the smoke grew heavier and breathing became difficult. We were almost out of the building and headed for safety, when we heard a scream coming from what sounded like the upstairs floor. I heard it, but it was faint. I turned to the people beside me, but in the confusion of the moment, everyone was just trying to get out and weren’t really paying attention. But then I heard it again. the person beside me heard it too this time, and we turned to look at each other. “Did you hear that”, I asked. “It sounds like its coming from upstairs”, the man answered me. Then from the back of the crowd, we heard someone yell out to everyone, “Somebody’s trapped upstairs”!Image result for burning building

There was a lot of commotion and muttering in response to this. But nobody moved to help the person. People were talking back and fro, when eventually a voice said, “We have to go back up – we have to get that person out”. The screaming was audible now. People were afraid to go back. But there was someone in the crowd. He was not there that morning as a patient, and he was not one of the hospital staff or treating physicians. He was there that morning because he was called out to change one of the locks in the clinic after a key got jammed in it. He was just a locksmith, and he was just there that morning by chance. He turned back and said that he was going back to get the person. And he did. Moments later he returned with an elderly window cleaner leaning on him, coughing furiously. And then we all made our way down the stairs, out the exit, and out of the building.I was so impressed with this mans bravery, all he wanted was something to drink so i gave him an energy drink i had in my backpack.Thankfully everyone survived and the old man got away with minor injuries all to a brave locksmith!

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